Remember 1977? Here’s What It Means NOW

police.JPGThe concert ticket business is a whorehouse, and today it’s more crowded than the Grammy stage during Mary J. Blige’s set Sunday night. Best Buy is the latest entrant, pairing with the Police’s “30th Anniversary Highway Robbery Tour” in offering exclusive pre-sale codes to Reward Zone members. Even the codes, by the way, are selling on EBay, and there are a few fools dim enough to spend north of 60 bucks on them.

Posession of a code doesn’t guarantee tickets, of course, and it definitely won’t get you good seats. TicketBastard, the ruiner of live music, is auctioning off the first 10 rows. Starting price? $250.00, sure to rise as there’s an abundant supply of people who, as whore supreme Rod Stewart once sang before he crossed over to the dark side, “got a lot more money than sense.”

I’m surprised someone hasn’t gotten the idea to sell the absolute best seats at $1977 a pop, in honor of the year the Police released their first indie single. Oh, wait, TicketBastard hasn’t made the first row available yet. Maybe that’s their plan….

One more greed alert – if you didn’t get a Best Buy code, you can join the Police Fan Club for $100 – in honor of the ticket price total for their first gig – and jump the line that way.