This week’s Hippo – Maiden-capable @ Estabrook

Jazz and dinner go together like scotch and soda. In the case of Estabrook Grill, perhaps chicken and pepperoni – key ingredients in the Nashua dining spot’s Tuscan chicken sandwich – is a better analogy.

Estabrook’s culinary pedigree set it apart when the restaurant opened last spring – comfort food with flair, affordable yet upscale home cooking. The restaurant has taken a similarly unique approach to live music.

Maiden-capable, the regular Wednesday night band at Estabrook, favors free form improvisational flights, with Justin Piper stitching ferocious guitar licks over Peter Maclean’s polyrhythmic drumming.

When Kevin O’Brien holds down the rhythm, it’s on electric bass, not upright.

The trio’s roots are in rock music – Piper and O’Brien regularly play classic rock with Mindseye down the street at Peddler’s Daughter, and “Maiden-capable” is a nod to heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s signature way of ending songs.

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