Idiot Wind, or It’s Alright, Ma – I’m Only Pooping

picture-3I think I found a music story to go with the picture of Lenin’s exploding ass.  OK, it’s a stretch, but you gotta admit, both of them are funny as hell.  Besides, both Lenin and Dylan can be described as revolutionaries with (how do I put this delicately?) posterior problems.

It seems the Bard of Minnesota has upset his Malibu neighbors:

Dylan, 67, who had the 1963 hit “Blowin’ in the Wind”, is under investigation by public health officials over whiffs emanating from a lavatory used by security guards at his cliffside compound at Point Dune, Malibu.

One couple, David and Cindy Emminger, claim the singer has ignored repeated requests to deal with the problem, forcing them to install five industrial-sized fans to divert the smell.

They claim that even the fans have not had the desired effect, as the Pacific breeze that sweeps across the area forces the odours back in their direction. “It’s a scandal – ‘Mr Civil Rights’ is killing our civil rights,” said Mr Emminger.

He alleged that the lavatory, which was installed on Dylan’s grounds six months ago, had made parts of his family home uninhabitable. He also claims his eight year old son has fallen ill from the fumes, which he describes as being from a “toxic, hazardous, carcinogenic chemical toilet”.

His wife told the Los Angeles Times. “I couldn’t figure out at first where the smell was coming from, until I finally noticed that they had moved the porta-potty directly in front of my front door. We both have allergies and are sensitive to chemicals.”

The newspaper claimed than a city public health inspector was sent to inspect the Dylan property in January, but was turned away and accused of trespassing by the security staff. Malibu Mayor Andy Stern said, however, that no other neighbours seemed to have experienced problems.

Today’s Free Download – Asobi Seksu

CitrusEverybody’s arguing about sound quality these days. Paul Rappaport incited a Lefsetz flame war that boiled down to “compression sucks” on the one hand, and “I cut my teeth with crappy 45’s stacked on a mono record player that looked like a princess suitcase” on the other.

Even Bob Dylan got into the act:

You listen to these modern records, they’re atrocious, they have sound all over them,” he told Rolling Stone. “I don’t know anybody who’s made a record that sounds decent in the past 20 years, really.

Interesting, since the Bobster (who I admire more than any musical figure apart from John Lennon) plays mostly low-fi records from 1940’s and 1950’s on his XM Radio show. But I digress.

I agree that a lot of modern records are often packed to the density of a fruitcake, but is that always a bad thing?

Take “Thursday,” the latest from Asobi Seksu’s “Citrus.” It’s stuffed with synth banks, a drummer that seems to hit a cymbal every time he aims at a snare, multitracked guitars, a house dub bass that slaps like a broken door, and no matter what I do with the volume controls, it seems to get louder. But keyboard player Yuki’s sweet, Blondie meets the Cranberries singing swirls miraculously over “Thursday,” and other equally dreamy tracks, like a Grand Marnier float on an orange blossom cosmopolitan.

The band’s name is Japanese for “Playful Sex,” which must be the reason Yuki’s bilingual switch from English to Japanese on tracks like “New Years” feels so seductive.

Sure, the waveform likely resembles a caterpillar conga line, but it’s atmospheric and hypnotic music designed to take your mind elsewhere. Something I enjoy


Asobi Seksu
Friendly Fire Recordings