Arcade Fire Strike a Blow Against Scalping

arcadefire.jpgBy today’s standards, alt-rockers The Arcade Fire are big, big, big. Thus, it’s no surprise that their upcoming NYC shows – five in all – sold out quickly. What’s nice to see is that the band is drawing a firm line again ticket resellers.

Basically, if you didn’t buy it yourself, you can’t use it. If only more bands took this approach, then attending concerts would stop being a lottery for opportunists and be returned to the fans:

ALL 5 ARCADE FIRE SHOWS ARE SOLD OUT* TICKETS ARE NON-TRANSFERABLE. The ticket purchaser must enter the venue. Copies of ID, Credit Card or Confirmation email WILL NOT be accepted for entry. Only complete parties will be admitted. No exceptions. Please DO NOT buy tickets on eBay, Craig’s List, etc. YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED!

Bravo. I’m so-so on this band’s music, but their integrity gets a big shout-out.

BTW, their five show run in Montreal is also sold out.