This week’s Hippo – Huey Lewis, Comedy and more

Huey Lewis – Still Beating:

The secret of Huey Lewis’s success: keep busy, but not too much.

“As long as you don’t have to do it 250 days a year, it’s the best job in the world,” Lewis told a gathering of journalists recently. “When you reduce your schedule a little bit, it’s like falling in love all over again.”

When Huey Lewis and the News hit the stage at the Casino Ballroom on Sunday, July 11, fans can expect familiar hits — “Heart of Rock and Roll,” “Power of Love,” “I Want a New Drug” — along with what Lewis terms “greatest misses, obscurest stuff,” a cappella doo-wop and a few tracks from an album the band recently completed in Memphis.

The new record focuses on music from the Stax/Volt era.

Men Fake Foreplay – Mike Dugan tries to be a better man

“Growing up, I had one major flaw,” Mike Dugan says early in Men Fake Foreplay, his one-man show playing this weekend at the Capitol Center for the Arts in Concord. “I laughed at the people I should have listened to, and I listened to the people I should have laughed at.”

When he was 13, Dugan’s father caught him reading Playboy magazine and banned it from the house. At the time, Dugan found it amusing. But he realized later that the old man was right — Hugh Hefner’s free love philosophy was the tip of a pernicious iceberg.

And Nite Roundup

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