This week’s Hippo – Two for the Cause

Johnny Winter and Big Head Todd and the Monsters each headline “Concert for the Cause”  benefits for  New Hampshire Child and Youth Services this weekend.

Johnny Winter lays it all out:

Raisin’ Cain – The Wild and Raucous Story of Johnny Winter is a rarity — an authorized biography that pulls no punches, leaves no stone unturned or tale untold. Mary Lou Sullivan’s well-researched book chronicles the guitarist’s rise from the Texas roadhouse circuit to stadium headlining tours, and his subsequent decision to forego the big stage of rock stardom to focus on the blues music that inspired him to play in the first place.

It also covers his excesses — sex, drugs, alcohol and career mismanagement that not only hurt him professionally but also nearly killed him. Why did he agree to lay it all out for the world to see?

“Well, if you’re gonna do it, you gotta talk about everything,” said Winter recently by telephone from his home in Connecticut. “You can’t just put in the good stuff … there was some bad stuff too, and we had to do that.”

Big Head Todd brings the islands back home:

He’s not running for mayor of Margaritaville, but Big Head Todd and the Monsters front man Todd Park Mohr says the band’s forthcoming album Rocksteady has a decidedly island vibe. The first single, “Beautiful,” flirts so much with Jack Johnson that you can practically smell the sea air.

According to Mohr, it’s also the most cohesive record the Denver, Colo., quartet has ever made.

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