Today’s Hippo – blues, trip-hop and more

Rynborn reborn, at the Draft in Concord:

Andy and Laurie Sanborn remember a time when Luther “Guitar” Johnson lived down the road from them in Antrim, and on any given night something magical might happen in a rough and tumble blues shack called the Rynborn.

“We’d go there all the time,” says Laurie. “It was nothing fancy, but it was the best blues.”

“When the Rynborn left Antrim and went to Keene and then closed, it left a void in my soul,” Andy said. He added: “I consider the blues to be the foundation of original music.”

Chemical Distance moves away from metal:

Otto Kinzel IV bowed out of live music for a while last year. He was bored with the metal scene, an endless succession of peaks with no valleys. He likened it to a crowded NASCAR field, with everyone going 180 miles an hour, all the time.

“It was all very predictable — two down-tuned guitars and a screaming vocalist. If you stood in the back of the room, everything was a wash,” he said — a wall of sound with no discernible elements.

He also sensed an unwillingness on the part of most bands to move beyond the genre’s narrow boundaries.  “When they hear drum machines and synthesizers, it’s met with resistance,” he said.

So he stepped away and went looking for new musical challenges.

In Nite Roundup, Mama Kicks ends 13 years of Wednesdays at Black Brimmer, Claremont duo Second Wind plays Concord, a blues jam moves in Manchester, John Waite and Alan Jackson announce upcoming shows.

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