This week’s Hippo

Alana Susko got into comedy in an unlikely way:

Alana Susko always wanted to be a stand up comic.  Her friends encouraged her, but she couldn’t work up the nerve.

“I’d rather have a colonoscopy or a small car accident,” she says. “It was my greatest fear.”

Then one day, Susko found a way to beat her stage fright – sex toys.

She began hosting living room parties for women, selling ‘novelty items’ for consenting adults.  “It’s like Tupperware, only with romance enhancements,” says Susko.  “I thought if I could get comfortable with the terminology, I could say anything.”

Soon, phrases like “pure instinct pheromone cologne,” “bendable buddy” and “hot licks edible lotion” were rolling off Susko’s tongue, and it was so long, public speaking phobia.

From Lamont Smooth to Otis Jones – a new Concord band starts playing out:

There’s a bit of kismet in the stories of most bands, but Otis Jones came together due to quite a few happy accidents. Guitarist Andy Laliotis started the Grateful Dead tribute band Blue Light Rain after a long run with Concord jam band Lamont Smooth, which broke up at the end of 2007.

And this week’s Nite Roundup looks at a Haiti benefit in Chester, a local jam band’s after party activity, and more.

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