This Week’s Hippo

Big cover story on the music scene from Concord down to Nashua and points beyond.  Worth downloading the PDF for, frankly (if you want to read my gift guide for music lovers, you’ll have to):

In some establishments, music stands front and center most every night of the week; for others it’s just one element among many that make up the room’s personality. From pleasant piano to mind-numbing metal, there’s something for every musical taste throughout the region. You just need to know where to look.

Also piece on a great benefit show tomorrow night at Milly’s Tavern (home of the best microbrewed beer in the Queen City) and an interesting collective effort to inspire musicians and artists to new creative heights.  Plus, Nite Roundup talks about Irish and country Christmas parties, the return of junk rockers Recycled Percussion to the area, upcoming shows from Dead alumni Phil Lesh and Bob Weir, and a funky horn band’s next local show.

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