This Week’s Hippo

Trans-Siberian Orchestra comes to town this weekend, and I spoke with founding member and musical director Bob Kinkel, who told me:

“We never want to do the same thing twice, we always want to do better,” says founding member Bob Kinkel. “We keep raising the bar and then we go ‘Oh no, we gotta jump over that!’ We do it to ourselves, but it’s a labor of love. It’s so worth it for us.”

I also wrote about a good benefit for a worthy cause. Blind Lemon Aid, a charity run by blues man Brian Templeton, is doing a show for the Liberty House Veteran’s Shelter:

For bluesman Brian Templeton, the idea to do a show for Liberty House Veterans Shelter came last Memorial Day, as he watched a Londonderry honor guard lay a wreath at the grave of a fallen soldier. Afterward, a representative from Liberty House, a Manchester transitional home founded in 2004 by Vietnam veteran Don Duhamel, talked about the organization and its mission. During his remarks, the speaker mentioned problems at the shelter with a leaking roof. Said Templeton in a recent telephone interview, “I had this vision in my mind of these guys that fought for our country, and not only are they homeless, but there’s water leaking on their heads.”

Nite Roundup looks at other weekend options.


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