This week’s Hippo

Nite Spotlight: Alan Jackson, Studio 99 moves, Brooks Young Band, Cabaret Boheme, Recycled Percussion

Todd Carey – breaking through the tech for a real connection

It’s a sad fact of modern life that often the tools that make certain things easier make others impossible. That’s the conundrum Todd Carey explores in a new song about the ways cutting edge communication doesn’t cut it.

An emoticon isn’t a real smile, it’s just typing. Sometimes, only the human touch will do:

“No more phone calls, no more texts
No more IM, I don’t want to guess
I need you in the flesh
Not on Facebook
Not online
Camera phones won’t do this time
It’s true – I gotta be next to you”

Gotta Be Next To You, Todd Carey

Vienna Teng’s old soul

The sweep of history moves in both directions on Vienna Teng’s most recent album, Inland Territory.

“In Another Life” describes the life and afterlife of coal miners, revolutionaries and soldiers, with clarinet and bassoon accompaniment straight out of a New Orleans funeral. “Antebellum” employs Civil War imagery to tell its love story.

A needle dragging across a phonograph record serves as percussion in the opening bars of “Last Snowfall.” The young singer-songwriter (she only recently turned 30) becomes an old soul, imagining her dying days with the clarity of someone twice her age.


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