This week’s Hippo – 17 September 2009

Music Roundup – World’s greatest DJ, Hornsby, local band with Big 80’s sound, Jeffrey Gaines & So You Think You Can Dance tour.

Happy Doom – Eternal Embrace calls itself “a gothic doom metal band” that plays dark, brooding music. It’s a sound more orchestrated than most metal, but still pretty downbeat. Keyboard player and bandleader Eleanor Moyer likens it to “Theatre of Tragedy mixed with a band like Cradle of Filth.”

Doom metal has more time changes than death metal, which is “all the time aggressive,” Moyer said. To the uninitiated, this may seem like the distinction between being run over by a car and being machine-gunned. In a niche-rich genre like metal, however, it’s an important one.

Woodstock Redux – The organizers of the first Woodstock festival had to wait 25 years for a do-over. For the second Great Bay Music Festival, it only took a year. This weekend, a tasteful blend of national acts and homegrown talent will gather in bucolic Dover, N.H., for a summer-ending “three days of peace and music.”

There’s more than a fleeting connection with the 1969 event. Michael Wadleigh, whose documentary film had as much to do with Woodstock’s cultural impact as the actual event, was living on Back River Farm, Great Bay’s site in Dover, as last year’s festival unfolded.

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