This Week’s Hippo

Three stories up on the Hippo web site:

Music Roundup, including a shout out to my old pals the Conniption Fits, a tip on an upcoming Chris Smither show, and an all-ages performance this weekend by Krista, a unique singer/rapper.

A story about local Celtic “supergroup” Long Time Courting:

Traditional Irish folk music, perhaps more than any other genre, thrives on cross-pollination.

Whether it’s the weekly session at Salt hill Pub in Lebanon, a sing-along at Manchester’s Wild Rover or open-mike nights in Nashua, Portsmouth or Cambridge — Celtic music is a pick-up band looking for a way to happen.

This collegiality of a common language created Long Time Courting, a tuneful marriage of Appalachian, Cape Breton, English and Emerald Isle musical traditions. A little cabin fever also helped push them into existence, but more on that in a moment.

Finally, a look at the upcoming New England Elvis Festival:

This is Manch Vegas, not the city in Nevada, and the first annual New England Elvis® Festival is happening at the Manchester Radisson, not Bally’s on the Strip.

This weekend, however, you’ll be forgiven for looking up, half expecting the Flying Elvises to parachute down. For three days, the Queen City will resemble the final scene of Honeymoon in Vegas. Though it’s unlikely anyone will drop from the sky, rhinestones, sideburns, hip shakes and well-honed Tupelo drawls will be coming from every other direction

The King — make that Kings — is in the building.

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