Going Digital

ripA little over five years ago, when Local Rhythms appeared in the Claremont Eagle Times for the first time, I received no money for my work.  The local music scene needed a voice to tell its story, and whether I was paid seemed less important than using my local paper to make that happen.

Now that paper – along with two other excellent publications – has ceased publication after almost 100 years. I shudder to think what a community like Claremont will do without reports of its daily life. Who will tell Claremont’s story?

For that matter, who will tell Newport’s, Charlestown’s, Unity’s, Springfield’s?

A local newspaper is like a community center, a park or a public swimming pool.  Shutting it down ends more than the life of a business.  I read publisher Harvey Hill’s memo claiming “we did our best to continue operations” and can’t help but doubt his words.  I’d love to see some tangible proof of incremental steps taken to keep the paper alive – I can detect very little.

Harvey Hill is shutting down a business – a community is losing far more than that.

For my part, I will continue to write about the local music scene, whether I’m paid or unpaid.

Though I’ve been watching the Internet long enough to know that there’s enterprise in the digital world.  Daily traffic on this web site has grown tenfold since it began.

See you in the ether – or Salt hill Pub, Imperial Gardens, Boccelli’s, Canoe Club, Sophie & Zeke’s, Common Man, Digby’s, Anchorage, Meadowbrook…….