Roots On The River – Fredheads Fret Fest Forecast

Picture 1Southern Vermont’s most awesome weekend of music begins tonight at the Bellows Falls Opera House, continuing at locations in and around BF and Rockingham.  Foremost in the thoughts of many (especially show organizer Ray Massucco) is the current unstable weather system.

The bad news is that an inch and a half of rain is expected tonight, ending tomorrow afternoon.  The good news?  Tonight’s show is indoors, and Friday’s free BF Farmer’s Market will begin after the rains end – if the forecast holds.

Precipitation probability is 70 percent at 10 AM Friday, 30 percent by 2 o’clock.  Saturday’s too early to call – some showers, pretty warm (upper 70s), lots of clouds.  When Jenee Halstead sings the opening verse of “Before I Go,” it won’t matter – the music will take over the way it always does, deluge or no.

One thought on “Roots On The River – Fredheads Fret Fest Forecast

  1. michael,thanks for coming down tonight and for keeping folks posted on the incredible lineup we have throughout the entire weekend. the rain is going to stop in time for the farmer’s market; the big tent will be packed for junior brown and fred eaglesmith and it will be great day two of the festival. saturday is going to be nothing but blues skies and clear sailing.
    ray massucco

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