Big Days For Soul Octane Burner

sob_logoThrough steady gigging at Electra, Imperial Lounge and the Claremont Moose Hall (where they perform Saturday), Soul Octane Burner built a solid area following for the roiling music they call “redneck metal.”

But until recently, the band hadn’t recorded a CD of original material.

To put it mildly, things are moving a bit faster these days.

In addition to their eponymous debut disc, released last month, Soul Octane Burner will soon share the stage with Korn and Burn Halo at the Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavillion.  The all-day “Rock On Fest 2009” features 30 area bands in addition to the headliners.

“It’s the biggest thing that’s ever happened to any of us,” lead vocalist Dave Belimer said the other day from SOB’s Claremont practice space, as his band mates shouted in agreement.

How did it happen?

“A lot of luck,” laughs Belimer.   “Fans called 99 Rock demanding to hear us on the radio. They made it happen.”

The Hanover station, particularly Chris Garrett, brought the opportunity to the band’s attention.  Meadowbrook tagged them as a good fit and sent their tape to Korn’s management for final consideration.

Fans can help the band get a good time slot by purchasing tickets in their name, says manager Larry Kennett. The band also receives a percentage from each transaction made with the ROCKSOULOCTANEBURNER sales code.  Buying that way also qualifies fans for a chance to win a Korn meet and greet at the show.

Saturday’s Moose lineup features Till We Die, who recently performed with Black Label Society at the Verizon Wireless.  Other supporting bands include Last Regret, Kellyville Killer and Beware the Ides.

Since the show is a CD release party, everyone paying the $15 admission will receive a free copy of “Soul Octane Burner.”  The disc draws its spirit from old school metal – Pantera, Metallica, Corrosion of Conformity – and newer bands like Lamb of God.

“We’re always listening for a new riff to inspire us,” says lead guitarist Shane Davis.

Lyricist Belimer calls the band’s style “controlled rage – something that hopefully gets you moving, gives you a little tinge in the back of your neck.”

“There’ a lot of anger in the songs,” he says.  “I still think like a kid, I don’t like getting stepped on.”

“He’s angry all the time,” Shane says. “So we put a microphone in his hand.”

They’ve been around since 2002, while this configuration has been the same since 2006, but the musicians in Soul Octane Burner go back much further than that.

“Shane and I took drum lessons in grade school,” says Belimer, who remembers Davis as a pretty cool first grader with his own drum set.  The rest of the band – rhythm guitarist Dan Griffith, bass player Geno Gray and drummer Dale Pederson – have also played together in different groups over the years.

Making a CD, they say, is a “dream come true.”

“It’s a big accomplishment to have the product in your hand,” says Davis.  “After all the work we’ve done, time away from home, this is why.”

“It’s been our lifelong journey, all of us,” adds Belimer.  “We’ve been playing literally since we were kids, especially Shane and I, we’re the oldest.    It’s been a long journey.”

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