Bummer – Elixir to Close October 18

From Elixir owner Mike Davidson comes word that White River Junction’s home for music and awesome fries will be no longer as of this Saturday.  Here’s the text of an email sent to Toni Ballard, Billy Rosen, Fred Haas & Sabrina Brown, and David Westphalen, all fine musicians who played regularly at the club, which featured live talent 5 nights a week, sometimes more:


It is with sadness that I am writing to tell you that we are closing ELIXIR. With several other businesses and two young children, it doesn’t work for us as a family to run a restaurant. Ironically, the numbers recently have been encouraging, but I know the time required to get it over the hump and we don’t have that time without sacrificing precious family time . I am seeking another buyer or lessor and hope to have someone continue what we have started.It can be a successful business for the right individual, but my priority right now is my family.

That said, I want to sincerely thank all of you for the time, energy and heart you put into making ELIXIR more than a business. For me, it has been a great learning experience and a window into a special community of artists who are passionate about their craft. It has been truly enjoyable and I will miss the musicians most.

Thank you again for all the heart and soul you put into this endeavor.


Mike and Rachel

PS Please come down late on Saturday for our farewell night and bring your friends, we intend to celebrate!


Mike created a wonderful blend of New York hip and upcountry casual in his club that will be tough to replace.

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