Blues News

August 2 is a busy weekend, but blues fans should check out the “Barnful of Blues Festival” at the New Boston Fairgrounds, located near Route 13 a few miles south of Weare, New Hampshire.

It’s an all-day affair featuring two stages – acoustic and electric – and a dozen area blues bands, including Sunapee favorites Roxanne and the Voodoo Rockers, all for a mere 10 bucks.

Headliner TJ Wheeler mixes musical knowledge into his performances, taking audiences on a journey from Delta blues to New Orleans jazz.  Boston’s Love Dogs bring a Dixie vibe to a rocking blues sound that recalls the Fabulous Thunderbirds, with horns.

Singer/guitarist Bruce Marshall played with Toy Caldwell of the Marshall Tucker Band, and has a lightning touch on the fretboard.  He’s also playing the Newbury Bandstand this Thursday (July 24) if you need a fix right away.

The event is sponsored by the New Boston Blues Association, and benefits Webster House, which helps kids ages 8 through 18 who need to live away from home.  All of the NBBA’s efforts are focused on raising money for Webster House, whose work is focused on “providing stability to a child’s life and rebuilding family relationships leading towards family re-unification, foster placement or independent living.”


Barnful of Blues Festival – August 2, 2008


National Anthem          12:00 PM     12:05PM
Chris Bonoli                 12:45 PM     1:00 PM
Arthur James                1:45 AM     2:00 PM
Jackie Lee                     2:45 PM     3:00 PM
Francine Calo               3:45 PM     2:00 PM
Arthur James                4:45 PM     3:00 PM
RAFFLES                       5:45 PM     6:00 PM
RAFFLES                       6:45 PM     7:00 PM


Michael Vincent &
Double Shot                  12:05 PM     12:45 PM
The Hayes Brothers       1:00 PM     1:45 PM
Sweet Willie D &
the Continental Walk    2:00 PM     2:45 PM

Bruce Marshall             3:00 PM     3:45 PM

Lisa Marie &

All Shook Up               4:00 PM     4:45 PM
The Love Dogs            5:00 PM     5:45 PM
Roxanne &
the Voodoo Rockers    6:00 PM     6:45 PM
TJ Wheeler                   7:00 PM     8:00 PM