Never Again – Buffett At Gillette Stadium

I didn’t attend the show, due to a business commitment that had me out of the country.  But I know people who did, and the Jimmy Buffett show at Gillette Stadium has to go down in the annals as the biggest rip-off in history.  Not only were the tickets too expensive, all the seats sucked, the staff ran the crowd like a cross between the Keystone Kops and the Gestapo.

The parking lot didn’t open until 3:30, and the venue charged an unbelievable, extortion rate of $40 to park.  As if the Ticketbastard service charges weren’t bad enough, it seems that Gillette wants to get in on the action, a gang bang of sodomizing.

I think Jimmy Buffett has outgrown live events if it’s really come to this.  I’m never going back, that’s for sure.  I’ll listen to Radio Margaritaville on Sirius and have a party at home.