Lori McKenna GAC Puzzler

I’m still scratching my head over last night’s twin appearance by Lori McKenna on GAC. The singer-songwriter talked at length with Suzanne Alexander about her just released “Unglamorous” on GAC Nights; bits of the interview were excerpted later for “On The Street,” which showcases new CDs.

Why am I bewildered? Well, for all the air time given to Lori, I didn’t hear a single note of her music. Oh, they showed Faith Hill’s cover of “Stealing Kisses” twice, mentioned Sara Evans’ take of “Bible Song,” and followed an interview segment with two Tim McGraw videos, including the obligatory duet by the country music super couple.

One would think that a new record merited a note or two – heck, Faith’s versions of Lori’s songs are two years old at this point. Warner Brothers is doing a great job getting Lori in the public eye, but please, let’s hear what she sounds like!