The Click Five – Modern Minds and Pastimes

clickfive.jpgThe Click Five switch lead singers, but don’t lose a step on their second album. New vocalist Kyle Patrick doesn’t hit the same high notes as the departed Eric Dill, but it hardly matters. Well-crafted pop confections like “Jenny” and “I’m Getting Over You” go down easy – almost too much so. There’s a by the numbers feeling running through the record, as if the five Berklee grads spent as much time in marketing classes as they did perfecting their sound.

The target audience – teens to twentysomethings who like their hooks hard and emo lite – certainly won’t mind. The mix is edgy enough for Warped fans (“When I’m Gone”), but will safely fit on Radio Disney (“Mary Jane”). “Addicted to Me” sounds like a Rob Thomas outtake, while the simple minded fun of “All I Need Is You” shows the influence of Fountains of Wayne founder (and Click Five mentor) Adam Schlesinger.

“Headlight Disco” suggests a Survivor/Prince mash-up; it’s one of the disc’s high points. A less successful blend is the synth-pop album opener “Flipside,” which cuts erratically between emo noodling and Big Eighties arena rock.

They’re on safer footing with “Happy Birthday, where the song’s protagonist sends a belated wish to his long distance girlfriend. It’s a new take on an old theme, but as a trip to any multiplex makes clear, it’s a season of sequels. The pop music world’s no different.

28 thoughts on “The Click Five – Modern Minds and Pastimes

  1. the click five rox more thn ever! i liked the clickfive with eric but i like them more with KYLE PATRICK! he’s sooo hot!:D their album rox,,,i listen to thm evryday(never get bored of thm)!

    the click five + eric dill= great
    the click five – eric dill + kyle patrick= 100000000000000000000 times greater

  2. kyle is so cool….!!!
    i like eric but i most like kyle and i love him!!!!!!
    mwah,mwah.mwah!!!!sana makita kita sa personal!!!!!

  3. hi!!!
    click five Rokz!!!
    they rocks my heart…….in my heart their is only one band…..
    Click five……. I hope you will visit the philippines again….
    we will wait for you…..
    your band has many charactreistics that i like…..Great playing of instruments…
    Great singer……beautiful faces…..especially beautiful smiles….


  4. Hiii…CliCk FiVe
    You’Re RoCk! I’m YouR Big FaN. ALso KyLe(and The OTheR GuyS..I meaN..)
    LoVe You So MucH…!!!
    /\ /\
    ( ^_^ ) PieCe!!!!

  5. I LOVE Kyle Patrick wit all mi heart….n i love the band too eric was ehhh but kyle is amazing…..the rest of the band rocks to….my favorite song bi them either is Happy Birthday or When Im Gone…or wiat im lyin Addicted to me 2! u kno wat i love them all =] ❤

  6. hi………..
    we are your fans…
    we are so fantastic when see you in your album…
    I want to introduce myself…
    We are Tatha,Rista and Tami.
    we are from indonesia. do you know Indonesia??
    Indonesia is beautiful country,you find many cultural and many food… ofcource
    so when you come to indoesia you can call we..
    please replay my mail…
    see you….

  7. the click five is the best forever and ever . . .
    kyle you are so cute . . .
    Lubh u so kyle . . .
    miss u beibh . .
    i like your song very much . . .

  8. Allow,, pie kabare tjah??? Fine 2 ae tow?? im wilma from indonesia.. i love u ALL!!! doyou love ME ?? Tq,, I KNOW U LOVE ME TOO… so much thank u

    BELIEVE MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hiii,,,, kyle,, i love you so much,from the bottom of my heart,,,you know what,, i really like you,,,most of your band…and to your band members,,,you’re so great!!!!!!….ahhMm,,,don’t you know i’m your big fan,…your so handsome,,and certainly,,,your band is perfect….and if i saw you,,then of course, your band,,that is my unforgettable moment that happens in my life,,,,love you guys!!!

    ……………………………GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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