Comcast Must Hate Music

Cable monopolist Comcast just announced a change to the local (New Hampshire/Vermont)  HD programming lineup, effective June 26.

HDNet, the Mark Cuban-created source for Arrested Development reruns and great live music shows like the V Festival, True Music and concert specials like the Chicago/Earth, Wind & Fire set a few months back, is out.  In its place is the stodgy A&E HD network.

Additionally, HDNet Movies was kicked to the curb, to be replaced by National Geographic Magazine’s high definition offering.  I guess one Discovery Channel, not to mention similar programing on PBS, wasn’t enough.

I’m pretty sure Comcast hates music; every day it seems another outlet disappears and a lifestyle station takes its place.   Oh, there’s lots of Ashley Tisdale and Kanye West videos (and “cribs” tours, no doubt) available on demand, but for anyone with an attention span longer than 8 or 9 minutes, there’s not much left.

It’s bad enough that Comcast’s web site, and their latest hype offering TVplanner, can’t keep track of their own stations when it comes to music.  Go there and filter on HD and you’ll find channel 771 is the home of MTV-HD, featuring vintage VH1 Storytellers episodes form the likes of Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen as well as 3-hour blocks of HD videos.

One problem – it’s not on 771, nor can it be found on any other Comcast channel.

I do hope FairPoint’s acquisition of Verizon is approved.  Local television service could use a shot in the arm.

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