Shameless Plug – On Tonight @ 6

newglasses2.jpgTonight, yours truly is a late add to the “Twin State Journal” program on WNTK ( I’ll be talking about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, since the induction ceremony is happening later – 8:30 on former music channel VH-1 and streaming live on AOL.

I’m not a big fan of the Hall, I mean it’s a good idea that’s been hijacked by an industry more infatuated with music executives than musicians. The fact that David Lee Roth will be outside the building while Velvet Revolver covers Van Halen songs inside, is just one of many insults.

Hugo Burnham’s riposte to Bob Lefsetz’s 2007 Hall rant quite sums up the whole Rock Hall sham:

I remember being at the event when Creedence Clearwater Revival were inducted. I was so psyched – they were the first band I ever saw live (at the Royal Albert Hall in like, 1970 or something), and I had all the albums and the 7″ singles and the clippings, and god knows what else – so you can imagine I was truly looking forward to seeing them all together again after years of rancorous bullshit.

Then I see Fogerty up onstage playing with all the usual suspects BUT WITHOUT DOUG CLIFFORD AND STU COOK! WHAT A CUNT!! I lost all respect for fucking Springsteen that night, too…he participated in the bullshit. Man of the under-trodden, my arse. I left and went out for a drink.

There at the bar were my ‘first love rhythm section’, Stu Cook even had his damn bass guitar in a bag on his back. I strode up, introduced myself and offered to buy them a drink. I said I was truly pissed off at what was going on in the big room. Then I blathered on to Doug Clifford about catching one of his drumsticks at that gig so long ago, and how I became a drummer, blah, blah…truly boring the poor bugger, I’m sure. But he was gracious and chatty and my night was somewhat saved.

As for DLR…Clem Burke introduced me to him one New Year’s night (we were crowded round a club toilet doing…aah – I can’t remember…), and he got down on one knee and sang ‘I Love A Man In A Uniform’ to us. Hilarious, and fucking great. A REAL rock star.

You’re right, it’s all gone down the shitter. Wot a waste.

Not to mention the absence of Alice Cooper, Chicago, Genesis, the Moody Blues and I could go on and on. But I don’t want to give away too much. Listen at 6 for more.


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