Boring Beatles News

unreleased.jpgVia Fox News comes word that the Beatles catalog will be available for download soon, and it won’t be exclusively iTunes. It’s hard to believe that Neil Aspinall represents a band that made 13 albums in something like 7 years. Because if they were managed then like they are today, it would be a miracle if one record every two years came out.

Hell, it would be a miracle if they released ANYTHING.

The great, majestic news emanating forth from corpse picker Aspinall? Digital versions of the 13 releases everybody on planet Earth has already heard are due, and nothing more. Apparently, he didn’t hear what Steve Jobs had to say the other day, or for that matter what was playing on Jobs’ iPhone at MacWorld.

Let me spell it out for Neil. Everyone who has an iPod has already ripped their Beatles collection to MP3, and isn’t interested in buying it again. C’mon, release something else – hell, there’s hours and hours of good available material.

But Aspinall isn’t even letting a DVD of “Let It Be” see the light of day. Good thing I’ve got a bootleg of the 1982 LaserDisc version in my home collection.

Idiots, prats.

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