Dixie Chicks ACL Bonus Content

dixiechicks.jpgThe Dixie Chicks appear on this week’s Austin City Limits. The KLRU website has a full-length interview with the band which focuses on the musical, not the political. How does “Taking the Long Way” feel to the band after six-plus months of playing it live? What was it like working with Rick Rubin? What’s more satisfying, writing, recording or playing live?

Not, thank God, “do you still think Bush is a doofus?” Though there is a discussion of what the Chicks euphemistically call “The Controversy,” and whether it attracted fans to the band for reasons that had nothing do with music.

The band’s set list is nice mix new and old, along with some nuggets sure to please diehard fans like me. “The Neighbor” is a new song written for the “Shut Up and Sing” documentary, and has yet to appear on any album. They did play it during last year’s tour. “Mississippi” is a rocked-up version of a Bob Dylan song once covered by Sheryl Crow; it’s on “Top of the World,” the live document of their fateful 2003 tour.

I’m looking forward to the PBS DVD of the show. I know of at least one song (“Wide Open Spaces”) left out of the broadcast. The ACL DVD series are a completist’s dream.

Here’s the lineup as published by PBS. Asterisks indicate songs from “Taking the Long Way.”

Dixie Chicks Song List
Recorded 12/06/06:

  • Lubbock or Leave It *
  • Truth #2
  • Longtime Gone
  • Silent House *
  • The Neighbor
  • Not Ready to Make Nice *
  • Easy Silence *
  • The Long Way Around *
  • White Trash Wedding
  • Traveling Soldier
  • Mississippi

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