Bravo Plans Studio 60 Marathon 1/21/2007

studio60.jpgI’m a big fan of “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” Aaron Sorkin’s latest TV project, but it’s had a dicey first few months. This weekend, the Bravo TV network runs seven episodes back to back, beginning at 10 AM Sunday morning. I’m not sure why they left out “The Cold Open,” with the hilarious Gilbert & Sullivan takeoff, or the two-part “Nevada Day” (John Goodman was a riot in that one). “The West Coast Delay” is also omitted, but I don’t mind. It stretched credulity.

The rest, however, are a good representation of a show that deserves a shot, if for no other reason than Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry have great chemistry as the show’s heads, and the fictional sketches are improving with each episode. The “Dateline Santa Claus: To Catch An Online Predator” in “The Christmas Show” was the best yet.

I’m on record as to how I feel about that episode.


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