Comcast Raises Rates, Reduces Service

comcast-logo.jpgArea cable customers no doubt received a few PR missives from Comcast in the wake of their purchase of the local, and recently bankrupt, Adelphia franchise. Over the past few months, Comcast also sent sheepish notification of a rate increase, buried at the bottom of a letter towards the end of November.

What they didn’t tell customers is that as they switch accounts over to Comcast software, huge chunks of programming are disappearing. All West Coast premium feeds are gone. Fox Soccer Channel and perhaps 25-20 other channels are also missing.

So in other words, if you’re a Comcast customer, you’ll be paying more and getting less.

Of course, I shouldn’t be too surprised.

Suddenly, the Sunday paper ads for Dish Network are looking better and better. This move has also given me a nastier attitude about the family of greedheads who drove Adelphia into the ground.