Today’s Free Download – “O Holy Night”


Finally, NBC has posted an MP3 of “O Holy Night,” the amazing “Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip” performance by the Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews-led New Orleans horn band, which aired last Monday.

The Studio 60 “Christmas Show” episode repeats on December 18, and it’s worth watching for more than the music.

The dialogue is sharper, character development more focused and (very important to critical detractors of the show in its early days) the comedy in the fictitious variety show is much, much better. The “Dateline: To Catch A Predator” sketch was funnier than anything on SNL last night.

I do hope they keep this show on the air. Matthew Perry’s character is so much more satisfying (to me, anyway) than his one-dimensional “Friends” role. Bradley Whitford is always good, and the relationship developing between him and Amanda Peet is a good story move. I’m waiting for Steve Weber’s network chairman to throw a monkey wrench into that one. Whose baby is it, really?

Back to the music – this song is even more beautiful without the dialogue. Thanks, NBC. If the sole legacy of “Studio 60” were just “O Holy Night” and the shout-out to New Orleans music it engendered, that would be more than a lot of shows I could name.

Download it here. Right click and save is best.

Note: NBC took down the file, so I’m engaging in a little guerrilla promotion to ensure this song is heard.  Send a donation to Tipitina’s Foundation to show your gratitude.