Today’s Free Download – The Static Age

Blank ScreensBefore U2 became an IMPORTANT band, they made records like “Blank Screen,” the third long player from this Burlington, Vermont-based quartet. You know, when they were sort of nice boys, but two pints away from trashing the lobby. Then came Pride (In the Name of Love) and somehow you knew that presidential photo ops couldn’t be too far off.

I wish they’d made more songs like “I Will Follow,” and today’s free download’s a throwback to those innocent/dangerous times. “Cherry Red” is a melange of 80’s pop (thumping Police bass line with Translator orchestral flourishes) and Killers-like sinister sonic fury.

It would be easy to link to all three IODA Promonet free links on this post. “Trauma” and “Count the Dead” are also great tracks in their own way.

When faced with such conundrums, I always opt for that which feels closest to home, and “Cherry Red” tweaks the classic MTV nostalgia nagging me of late – particularly after watching “Vertigo,” the video from their last record, “Neon Nights Electric Lives.” Its sweeping keyboards, Cure haircuts and shadowy outdoor shots made me half expect Downtown Julie Brown to shout out “WUBBA, WUBBA, WUBBA” at the song’s end.

TSA is Higher Ground’s band of the month, with a show set for early October.

Blank Screens
The Static Age

ReIgnition Recordings

Buy at iTunes Music Store
Download “Cherry Red” (MP3, 192kbps)

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