Not the Best Buy

I bought the third or fourth re-issue of Pet Sounds at Best Buy yesterday. I like classic albums remixed in 5:1 Dolby Surround, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. What with the heated sound quality debate on Lefsetz’s blog, it seemed like a good time to opt for high fidelity. Plus, the cover advertised 3 exclusive downloadable bonus tracks with purchase.

That’s what this post is about. I understand the need for DRM, and my side of the SpiralFrog debate is a pretty lonely place. But these tracks are supposed to be free with purchase, and I really, really resent being forced to register twice and feed my computer data to some unknown website just to play the songs. Here’s what popped up when I clicked on “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”:


I’ve already paid my money and provided the download code, and I get this?

Thank goodness (I suppose) that I have both a PC and Mac, because this “free” content is Windows only, something that’s not mentioned in the packaging. Plus, and this really galls me, there’s NO INFORMATION AT ALL on the origin of the songs, which are live tracks. No date, venue, nothing. If I’ve gotta jump through hoops to get them, they should at least add some value.

I haven’t bought a CD in months; iTunes and Rhapsody more than serve my needs. After the Sony debacle a few months back, you’d think there would be more sensitivity to this kind of invasion.

Oh, wait, this is the record industry. I forgot.