Today’s Free Download Redux – Mindy Smith

mindy.jpgThere’s been a link to a stream from Mindy Smith’s upcoming “Long Island Shores” release elsewhere on the blog, but until now, no MP3s from the album. With Vanguard Records’ posting of “I’m Not The Only One Asking” Mindy fans finally have something they can move over to an iPod (or Zune, if they’re so inclined). The track is a soaring gospel tune, co-written with Fred Williams, that’s been in Mindy’s catalog for awhile. Note: Be sure to add the MP3 extension to the file after you download – it’s not there by default (it’s simply called “Mindy”).

This song and other spiritual numbers prevalent in Mindy’s work lead some to wonder whether her music belongs in the Christian, not Americana bin at Borders. She has this interesting observation in the song notes:

Most people know there aren’t really keys to Heaven. It’s just a metaphor for wanting somebody to come and give you some absolutes, to help your life make sense. But nothing really is absolute … not until you die.

Guess that means that while you may see Mindy in church on Sunday, she’s not on the same page Rapture-wise as Dubya (who doesn’t, as I recall, even attend church – at least not publicly).

Enought of that. Mindy Smith’s awesome soprano holds the key to my personal Heaven. Enjoy.


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