Today’s Free Download – Stonewall

stonewall.jpgThese guys always bring out my inner headbanger. Since they’re playing at Springfield’s Royal Flush this weekend (Saturday, September 2), it seemed like a good idea to link “I Choose Not” in spite of the inevitable Stone Temple Pilots comparisons.

I also like “Since the Day,” available as a stream (but not a download) on their MySpace page.

If you’re in the Local Rhythms area, go and see this young band play live. They pound out every song with honest fury, and they’re amazingly melodic for a power trio, not all bitch-slapping aggression like some other bands. Josh Parker has rock-star swagger, Ryan Young looks like he could add 20 pieces to his drum kit and not miss a beat. Phillip Chiu rounds things out nicely on bass, with easy charm and steady rhythm (or was that steady charm and easy rhythm?).