Weird Al – RIAA Tool?

weirdal.jpgWeird Al Yankovic, who is to the song parody what Jerry Douglas is to the dobro, is at it again. The latest sacred cow on his barbeque is the nefarious practice of file sharing. “Don’t Download This Song,” he implores over a “We Are The World” music track, and here’s why:

“You start out stealing songs, then you’re robbing liquor stores/and selling crack and running over schoolkids with your car”

Of course, the song’s a free download, on MySpace, Weird Al’s website (both of them, and There’s probably kids at the mall offering to beam it to smart phones, and Bluetooth billboards being built right now.

The whole song is Yankovic at his snarky, irreverent best. Don’t mess with the R-I double-A, he cautions, because “if you’re a grandma or a seven year old girl, they’ll treat you like the evil, hard bitten criminal scum you are.” And if you decide to do it anyway, he wonders, “how can I afford another solid gold Humvee?”

C’mon, Al says.  “Even Lars Ulrich knows it’s wrong.”

Are you with me? DO download “Don’t Download This Song” and share it with all your friends. I envision a mashup of this one, “We Are the World” and the great Billy Crystal-as-Prince SNL parody from 1985, “I Am Also the World.”

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