Today’s Free Download – Judah Johnson

Be Where I Be
“My life’s an empty diner
But there is nothing finer

A jukebox full of heartache

Starts glowing in the ashtrays”

Judah Johnson, “Jukebox Heartache” (From Be Where I Be)

I haven’t been stoned in ages, but I’ve had a few dreams where I got really wasted. Judah Johnson sounds like the way I feel when I’m waking up.

Using synthesizers that can have their way with virtually any sampled sound, their music is sometimes more technical flourish than studied finesse, but always with a hazy yet discernible soul throughout. Kind of like being in a narcotic state. “Jukebox Heartache” may not even be the best example of this. But for zany reasons that I’ll likely forget tomorrow, I latched onto it.

God, I’m hungry.

“Be Where I Be” is feathery and billowing, and insistent as a dark cloud At turns it threatens to break apart or marshal its forces to rain down upon you.

Check out their Flameshovel Records page, which has downloads from their other albums.

Be Where I Be

Judah Johnson
Flameshovel Records

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