Today’s Free Download – The Frauds

The FraudsI’ll confess, I wish it were 1979 forever. Disco dead but not quite buried, one-word power pop bands all the rage. Shoes, Skids, Blondie, Clash, Cars & Nerves, all jumping, jangling, happily pissed off and torqued up on old school powder.

Those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end – basically, because we couldn’t sleep. There were mix tapes with segues, something DJs used to do on the radio as well as clubs. There was white carton Tropicana and Entemann’s sugar highs.

Modular furniture, Deering blenders.
We went to Sir Morgan’s Cove to see Squeeze, the Sinceroes or the Shades.

We saw the Shades a lot, a great unsigned band who never made anything more than a demo. “Nineteen Eighty-O is changing me, changing you, what are we gonna do?” Their front man married a Broadway dancer; they had a daughter who made a movie before she was 10. The drummer opened a restaurant. Their manager moved to California and started a contracting business. It was all too good to last, but it was all so good.

Listening to the Frauds, a Baltimore band with an eponymous album on High Wire Records, took me back to 1979, badge-encrusted Moon jackets, colored vinyl and picture discs, Genee Cream and King Radio. This track, “The Church of Seduction,” is representative of the whole album, which is currently number one on Promonet, the wonderful musical arm of ioda that makes this free download possible.

Bands, if you want to get the word out, get with Promonet for Podcast and blog links!

The Frauds

The Frauds
High Wire Music

File Under: Train Wreck (K-Fed @ TC’06)

kfed.jpgBritney must have called in a favor big-time to get her n’er do-well husband added to the Teen Choice awards last night. I suppose it’s a sort of public service message about the dangers of believing your own hype, or buying the notion that proximity to fame can possibly equip you with worthiness. Not in this case.

I’d love to take the camp approach – “it’s so bad it’s good,” but no. His performance was a train wreck of the first order, an embarassment to every enabler in this waste of a sperm bank’s inner circle.

A huge chunk of it was silenced by the seven second rule; whether the content was witheld due to profanity or simply because it sucked is not important. It was the best part of the show.

Hip-hop is mostly banal, but K-Fed’s badness almost elevates the genre in a perverse way. It’s apparent even to a street cred-less fool like me what a disastrous mess this was.

Vanilla Ice is John Lennon next to this guy. Behold the horror, via YouTube: