Today’s Free Download – Yngwie & King’s X

Ultimate Guitar Zeus

Carmine Appice is the prototypical rock drummer in my opinion, first with Vanilla Fudge, then with Cactus, a band that set that standard for power trios in the early 70’s. Later, Appice and fellow Cacti Tim Bogert hooked up with Jeff Beck to form Beck, Bogert & Appice.Appice also wrote “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” for Rod Stewart, but in light of his other fine works I’m willing to forgive him.

In the last few years, Appice has recruited world-class axemen like Ted Nugent, Brian May, Zakk Wylde and Richie Sambora for a series of “Guitar Zeus” records. This track is from “Ultimate Guitar Zeus”, a record long available ony to fan club members.

It features King’s X vocalist Doug Pinnick and a grinding, slashing balls-out assault from guitar God Yngwie Malmsteen. Check it out and enjoy.

BTW, the original Cactus (with ex-Savoy Brown member Jimmy Kunes sitting in for the late Rusty Day) is back on the road. That’s one bunch of geezers I’d pay to see!

Download “This Time Around” (MP3, 192kbps)

Artist: Carmine Appice Project
Label: Escapi Music Group


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