Dixie Chicks Stream on Best Buy


Taking The Long Way, the latest from the Dixie Chicks, won't hit stores until May 23, but Best Buy is streaming three songs from it, though their weekly ad promised four, so we'll wait and see on that.

"Everybody Knows" is the most upbeat of the previously unavailable two songs ("Not Ready to Make Nice" was released some weeks ago), and I'd be surprised if country radio can turn away, with it's sunny harmonies and an infectious chorus.

The Chicks will make a mark beyond the country radio ghetto, though.

Before the furor that made "Dixie Chick" a verb, I called this band the American Beatles, and I've a feeling this album will be their Rubber Soul, with hot-hot-hot producer Rick Rubin at the controls and guest shots from some of Americana's best.

The fallout from their anti-Bush remarks, which still gets the red-state blood boiling, mirrors the Beatles/Jesus controversy so much it's scary. Far from fading into the obscurity that so fuels the Kool-Aid Drunk crowd, the experience appears to have made them stronger, both spritually and artistically.

"Taking the Long Way" will mark a turning point that will take the Dixie Chicks beyond the niche popularity of country music and into the pantheon of artists whose entire catalogs are selling twenty years from now.