The Last Petty Show?

Renowned filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich recently announced plans to film Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as they tour the country; the kick off date for the "Highway Companion" summer run is June 9 in Charlotte, NC.

"I'm not an expert on Tom Petty, I'm just a fan," the 66-year-old director said. "But what appeals to me is that he's a real American artist – an impressionist – very much of the American grain."

Petty recently stated his intentions/inclinations to leave the road, so this is likely a piece of that plan. I admire him immensely, not just for his music, but for being one of a very small group of well-known musicians to call the industry out for their greed, homogenization, and gradual marginalization of the working class fan.

Granted, tickets for the "Last DJ" tour a few years back hovered at around 50 dollars, and most people can only afford one or two big shows like that a season. But the low end tickets for this tour start at 30 bucks, and the co-headliner shows with Pearl Jam range from 45 to 75 at the high end. Not a bargain, really, but it's certainly not the vulgar moneygrubbing of Madonna and the Stones.

Note to folks in the region – there's a Tweeter Center show in June with Trey Anastascio, but fans may want to wait until August. The Hartford and SPAC dates include the Allman Brothers Band.

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