Stonewall Update

Josh Parker called to update me on his band, a three-piece that kicks ass like the power trios of yore (Mountain, Cactus, Three Man Army) that I used to bug the neighbors with in my teenage years.

The band has a show at Royal Flush Friday, with their house band supporting.  The Springfield venue has been a good fit, Josh says, though it looks like they've abandoned the four band Sunday night habit for two band shows on Fridays or Saturdays.

Two weeks from Saturday, Stonewall has a date at Charlestown's Heritage, where the band, Josh says, "has to keep to volume down so we don't piss off anybody."  Canoe Club South?

June 3 they'll present their first Knights Hall show in Claremont, where they teamed countless times with Hexerei and won the 2005 Battle of the Bands.  On the bill with Stonewall are Broken Mindz, Guttermind, X Element, and Snox & the Voodoo Henchmen.  The last band is Rock 93.9 DJ duo Matt Cross and Steve Smith's fun little side project.  DJ Stax spins between sets.

Finally, the mystery of the band's name persists.   They're still Stonewall, under legal duress, and still looking for a new moniker.  I suggested Stonewall VT, a la Beat UK.  Really, though, they ought to face facts – this is the Josh Parker Band.  He is, after all, the only remaining member of the original combo.

Just a suggestion.

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