Paste Magazine – What A Value!

I buy Paste Magazine every month just for the broad spectrum of music it covers; the writers are first-rate too.  But the free discs are alone worth the $7.95 cover price.  Usually, there's a CD and a DVD, as is the case this month, chock full of new releases.  

The April/May offering is especially tasty, with songs from Americana supergroup the Little Willies (featuring a bouncy Norah Jones piano solo), Teddy Thompson, a more than capable heir to father Richard Thompson's musical throne, jam alchemists Umphrey McGee's, and many more.  

That's just the CD – The DVD has vintage clips from Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings.  For cutting edge fans, there's the Arcade Fire, the Decembrists (would someone please explain what the hell "chamber pop" means?) and Eels.  There's also John Cale, Beth Orton and the hauntingly beautiful Sia.

All tallied up, there's 22 songs on the CD and 26 DVD clips, plus some short films, movie trailers and a couple of specials (including one featuring Rosanne Cash, one of my all-time favorites).

That, dear readers, is a bargain. 


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