ABC Webcast Plan Proves They Still Don’t Get It

First, ABC broke into the online episode world with 2 dollar downloads of shows like "Desperate Housewives." As the old saying goes, if you're getting milk for free…

Now, they're going to give the shows away via a new website, due to launch in May. There's a catch, though. All episodes will contain commercials that can't be skipped.

I fully expect legal challenges to Tivo to follow. After all, how can they let a technology that provides viewers with a way to opt out of Cialis ads to stand?

It's a shame that the networks haven't figured out how to play nice in cyberspace. How ironic that entertainment companies, who should be the first to understand the consumer dynamic, are so divorced from reality.

Let me spell it out: if you make me watch something I don't want to watch, I will decline the thing I do for something that doesn't insult me.