Reunions – One Real, The Other Makeshift

Phil Collins has apparently found a way to deal with all those hearing and singing problems that forced an end to his touring career. Today, he and pals Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutheford and Tony Banks announced a re-formed Genesis. Makes sense, as Gabriel’s solo efforts have essentially plateaued, and the Rutheford/Banks collaboration as Genesis produced “Calling All Stations” – but sadly, the stations didn’t call back.

The Cars are a band one didn’t expect to see reunited. After all, smoldering singer Ben Orr died of cancer in 2000, and chief songwriter Rick Ocasek is famously antipathetic to the idea.

Enter the New Cars, featuring Greg Hawkes, and Elliot Easton of the original band, along with drummer Prairie Prince (ex-Tubes) and bassist Kasim Sultan. Sultan’s old boss, Todd Rundgren, will front the group, which I’m betting won’t sound anything like the old Cars.

Pardon me for feeling cynical, but Elliot Easton was last seen on the Discovery Channel’s Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, the kind of gig you get just after your solo career tanks and just before your old band gets together for one last run at the brass ring. How does two-fifths of an original lineup equal a reunion tour?

Used Cars, is more like it.

Wish I could figure out how Todd got invoved in all this, however. That one has me puzzled. Well, maybe not.