Spitzer Sues Radio Chain as Part of Music Inquiry – New York Times

Spitzer Sues Radio Chain as Part of Music Inquiry – New York Times.

Strange times in the big music biz.  Along with the payola suit, there’s news that major labels are increasingly fighting the tide of online downloads.  Ne-Yo’s latest is touted as evidence of the strategy’s success, but 400,000 or so units is chump change next to the millions of times fans grabbed “So Sick” for free from P2P sites.

Also, the American Association of Independent Music sent a letter to the FCC alleging that the broadcast industry deliberately keeps indie music off the radio.

“Well over half of the releases cited in January’s Village Voice Critics Poll were released by independent labels. The marketplace is responding, as independent labels now make up over 27% of sales in the American music market (and about 80% of the music available to consumers—representing the broad cultural diversity of the musical landscape). Yet, somehow, music released by independents is virtually absent from the commercial airwaves.”

Think about that.  Against a tide of money, the little guys are winning.


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